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Beauty centre Shangri là

the beauty of Shangri là is opened in December 2009.
The beauty center is the first in the upper valley to be at the forefront with equipment such as:
We also carry out manicure and pedicure with gel and semi-permanent nail Polish.
Also makeup color semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lips contour.

Massage & therapies
for total relaxation

After a day of sport or work, pamper yourself with a rejuvenating massage.

face and body

For your tanning lamps, trifacial, facial, and a solar shower and a high-pressure and low-pressure panic.



All the services that you will find in our beauty centre.


Face highly effective treatment ,massage anti-gravity, able to recall plasma clean to the skin oxygenation in deep tissue, face and body.

Treatment based on essential oils, regenerating, moisturizing, decongestant, with a base of bergamot, ying yang, lemon, bitter orange, lavender, sage and thyme. The massage includes maneuvers, lymphatic action drainage and detoxification. Also great to relieve puffiness and dark circles and any sign of tiredness from the face.

Treatment dissolve tensions and contractures, a set of wrap-around maneuvers specific to relieve tensions and eliminate fatigue along the spine, shoulders, neck, base of the neck and the neck. Recommended after a stressful day and a tiring one.

A synergy of essential oils with draining, such as cypress, cinnamon oleoresin of caspian sea with maneuvers lymphatic – circulatory, your legs will feel incredibly lighter and deflated.

Specific treatment with stimulating and invigorating ideal to dissolve the panniculi fat through maneuvers stimulants at the metabolic level.
Recommended for legs, abdomen, buttocks and inner arms.

From the studies of the biologist, Drainage stimulus lymph nodes, and the gradual unlocking of situations decongestant, good for the improvement of swelling and edema in addition to cellulite, suitable for all including pregnant women and people with varicose veins and teleangectasia.

Ideal treatment after a day of sports or intensive workout.

Treatment pre-or post-race, relaxes muscles, is improved irorazione blood and relax the muscles in tension.
From the ancient oriental art treatment, totally rejuvenating, relaxing, which, through the reflex points of the feet stimulates the body, pupil the pain and relaxes at a psychophysical level.
Rite inviting and relaxing with warm oils in a base of orange and almond. Involves manoeuvring delicate and continuous for a beneficial effect of the psycho-physical, which can relieve the eustress and remove the distress with multiple effects on the whole organism.

Sothys facial treatments

Delicate cleansing, for skin that is renewed, exfoliation, fit to the skin of the person, cleaning the eyebrows, facial massage and customized mask and cream finish ideal for your skin type.
Cleaning deep inspiration medical the skin for a renewed synergy of coriander and glycolic acid. Also ideal as a preparation for the intensive treatments.
Soin intensive detoxifying and energizing a base of siberian ginseng.
Advanced research, Sothys, soin jeunesse, protects the capital youth from the signs of aging and stimulates the defense systems of anti oxidants to our skin.
Immersed in a bath of intense hydration for the skin thanks to the active ingredient HYALURONIC ACID, the protocol of 6 stages with moisturizing active ingredients of last generation, up to 71% hydration in one soin.

Body treatments

Protocol unique japanese-inspired, gommage, lotus flowers and butter massage cherry on the whole body.
An eastern rite in a protocol only, an ointment of myrrh and amber with the peeling action followed by a mechanical exfoliation with a stone, and clay. final relaxing massage with oil’ambroso relaxing super nutritious.
Body Scrub with marine salts followed by an invigorating massage to prepare the skin for sun baths or weight-loss treatments. also great for help before waxing.
Oxygen therapy for anti-cellulite action with bandages draining.
Machinery for draining, firming and anti-cellulite action with bandages draining.
Ultrasonic machinery for crumbling through the waves of the adipose tissue with a consequent increase of the blood circulation, great as a slimming and anti-cellulite.
Finds the physical form with just a few minutes a week.

Hair removal for men and women

Epilation on all body areas, is performed with the tears of the strong but delicate, with a wax-amethyst, which is also ideal for delicate skins and with problems of teleangctesie and varicose veins.
Epilation-progressive permanent.
Treatment for hands and nails, includes filing of the nails, removal of cuticles and the application of cute colors with a protective base for the same also nourishes and hydrates the skin of the hands with specific creams. It is also possible to carry out a peeling on the entire hand and nails look the hands of silk.
Cutting and filing the nails, solution for ingrown toenails, calluses, eye of partridge, corns. You can apply a wide range of stylish colors and fashionable. It is also possible to perform a scrub on the foot and soften and smooth your heels for the foot fairy.
For your hands the touch of perfection, the hands are always perfect.


From the experience of Biotek eyeliner, eyebrows and lip contour.
For your most beautiful day, a makeup customized to your needs.
For your occasions, the perfect makeup for a perfect evening.



Anti-gravity massage

Beauty Centre

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